A Bit About Rob

I was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa, in 1969. Having and interest in sculpture early on, I was fortunate enough to attend the University of Northern Iowa on a scholarship to study art. While there I was mentored and encouraged to attend graduate school. Graduate school for me was centered on two things; the first was to start a career teaching college, and the second was to work with an accomplished artist in my field. I got that at Northern Illinois University, graduating with an MFA in Sculpture in 1994. I worked with Bruce White both on campus as a student and as a studio fabricator building some of his large-scale works and helping with several small ones. Bruce taught me so many things, and his mentorship is cherished all these years later.

I worked for Loyola University of Chicago, teaching Sculpture right out of graduate school. Additionally, I taught some courses back at NIU and with Harper Community College.   While teaching I was immersed in the Chicago art scene, my work was shown at Klein Artworks, Pierwalk at Navy Pier, and many outdoor sculpture tours around the country.

One of these was the Providence Convergence Arts Festival, where I exhibited Sculpture in the late 1990s. This was my first travels to the east coast, and I absorbed all that was New England and New York. As a result, I applied for a job at Bridgewater State University, where I teach today. I have taught all levels of Sculpture, the Business Issues course, and several writing seminars. I have served a couple of stints as department chair of Art and Art History and have recently returned to teaching sculpture full time.

While teaching at Bridgewater, I was able to make fabulous connections with art dealers like Meredyth Moses (Clark Gallery, Lincoln, Massachusetts) and Elaine Baker (Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida) and Betty Bothereau (Lattitude Gallery, Boston, MA). Each of them mentored me as an artist and taught me about working with collectors. Everything they taught me guides me as an artist today, and I am forever grateful.

I still live and work in Massachusetts and have placed over 300 works in public and private collections. Every collector is a great new relationship and it is the people that keep me interested in this endeavor as much as the art.

stainless steel pubic large-scale landscape sculpture

Sculptor, Rob Lorenson

“Being an artist is simple – do what you love and love what you do.”

~ Rob Lorenson

My  Work

The elements of my work exist in suspended animation. They are situated as though to freeze a moment in time in which they exist effortlessly in space. The work is constructed of sturdy, permanent materials that allow this to happen, but yet is in contradiction to the impermanent sense of the composition. The forms have boldness and exactness that are inspired by the martial arts where grace and precision are practiced until they are effortless.

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