This is a list of the most common questions asked over the past 30+ years.

How do I get a metal sculpture?2020-12-30T16:47:41+00:00

There are available works and then we also work by commission. 

You just need to contact either a gallery or the studio if there is no galley in your area. Check out out current list of supporting galleries.

If you are not sure if there is one – give me a call (508) 454-5478 , I will make sure you get the guidance you need!

red outdoor metal sculpture
Is there an inventory of available metal sculptures?2020-12-30T16:48:58+00:00

Yes, there are pieces ready to purchase with dealers listed as well as the inventory of metal sculptures that I hold here at the studio.

multiple small metal sculptures
How much do these metal sculptures cost?2020-12-30T16:49:43+00:00

While a very complex question – the smallest metal sculptures are $1200 and the major public works are in the 100’s of thousands.  Each work has complexities such as shipping, installation, site preparation, and the materials and processes employed in the project.  A consultation can reveal what a cost may be or I can work from a given cost to value process to a project.  I am comfortable working either way.

Do you offer metal sculpture refinishing services?2020-12-30T16:50:38+00:00

Yes, we offer refinishing on any metal sculpture that we build.  I typically do this work at cost with a reasonable turnaround time.  However sending it here may not be the most cost effective solution.  

sarasota deco stainless steel landscape sculpture
What kind of information does Rob need to design a metal sculpture for my space?2021-01-27T20:25:56+00:00

That discussion may include works done previously in the portfolio as talking points.  Once general perameters are set, a design can be created and  Color and material are also important points.

red metal sculpture in house
What kind of paint is used on these metal sculptures?2020-12-30T16:53:19+00:00

For my metal sculptures, I almost always use AwlGrip marine urethane.  This is the paint that is used on America’s cup boats, Fed Ex jets and a number of architectural items.  While it is some of the most expensive paint available, the value is in the longevity of the reds and yellows.  Nobody likes to repaint anything, but it is a reality for anything outside – houses, cars, yachts – they all get repainted sometime.

blue painted pubic large-scale landscape sculpture
What is the process of commissioning a metal sculpture?2020-12-30T16:54:32+00:00

For metal sculptures, typically,  we have a consultation that takes into account the scale, budget and space.

red metal sculpture
What if I need site work?2021-01-27T20:29:00+00:00

Truthfully, I keep my involvement in site work to a minimum.  Local landscapers are much cheaper to set stones, remove bushes and things like that.  Usually, I ask that the site be prepared for our work to commence and that you bring in a landscaper after to make the site what you want.

How long do these metal sculptures last if they are outside?2021-01-27T20:33:10+00:00

In truth it depends on environmental conditions, maintenance and material.These are all made out of metal and the metal will have a long life.The oldest metal swords that have been discovered were buried over 5000 years ago.I am sure the stainless-steel works will last much longer than that given the advances in metallurgy.
Painted aluminum works will last a very long time, although they will require refinishing to keep their shine and luster.

outdoor steel abstract metal sculpture
What kind of maintenance do these metal sculptures require?2020-12-30T16:56:19+00:00

Stainless steel and bronze sculptures require annual cleaning to wash off pollen and environmental contaminants.  Painted works are the same but with some of the care regimine that a care finish would require.  As with all paints, the length of time that a painted finish varies with the degree of UV exposure, damage, environmental contaminates and maintenance performed.  

mid-scale metal abstract sculpture
How long does it take to commission a metal sculpture?2020-12-30T16:57:19+00:00

For metal sculptures, the process can be as little as three weeks and larger more complex works can take 6 months.A consultation can reveal what processes, scale, materials are needed to accurately time delivery.

3d cad drawing fo a metal sculpture
Why are there spots on my stainless steel sculpture?2020-12-30T18:20:43+00:00

Some environmental conditions will cause staining on Stainless Steel – as contradictory as that sounds.  Auto exhaust, certain salt air, the condition of water from sprinklers can all have this affect.  All is not lost though!  I recommend Citri Surf – formula 2310 in a spray bottle.  Just spray it on and wipe it off with a soft scotch brite like you would pick up at the supermarket.

autumn rhythm landscape sculpture
What are the aesthetic considerations when siting an outdoor sculpture?2021-01-27T20:22:42+00:00

I think the number one consideration is to put the sculpture where you can see and enjoy it every day.  Worry less about how much your neighbors or house guests see it.  Often people will site a work so they will see it from a home office, around the backyard pool or favorite reading spot.  It is your sculpture at the end of the day and it should go where YOU will enjoy it.

red metal abstract sculpture
Will hurricanes damage my sculpture?2020-12-30T18:23:45+00:00

In most cases not directly.  Large scale pieces that go in coastal areas are usually engineered so they will not break connection to the anchorage.  However we have no control over other flying debris.  If the sculpture is hit by the roof flying off a house – there is little we can do about that.  Most if not all sculptures are designed to stay put in high winds and should not be a problem by themselves.

installation of large metal sculpture in Florida
Will winter and ice damage my metal sculpture?2020-12-30T19:48:11+00:00

In most cases no – they can be snowed on and ice can accumulate with no issues.  The issues that could be problematic are falling snow and ice from a roof – you may want to think about how snow and ice falls from your roof when locating.  The other issue is water freezing inside.  Each sculpture has drain holes.  If the drain holes become blocked by soil and insect debris – the sculpture could hold water and freeze.  I recommend that these holes be cleared out with a pencil on small dowel once per year especially in cold climates for this reason.

red metal sculpture in the snow
Will sprinkler water damage my metal sculpture?2020-12-30T16:58:11+00:00

There are a number of affects that water can have on an outdoor metal sculpture.  Obviously, they are designed for an outdoor environment but things like untreated sprinkler water can cause accumulation finishes.  I have had clients with high calcium water have calcium deposits form on painted and stainless-steel surfaces.  This is often taken care of with a washing with CLR calcium remover with a soft cloth.  We have soaked painted samples in CLR for over a month and had no degredation of finish and we have concluded that this is a safe chemical to use.  The danger is in excessive rubbing – you could scratch the finish with the calcium as it is abrasive.  We suggest soaking it with a sprayer and rinsing until clean.

stainless steel large-scale abstract public landscape sculpture
Where do I put a sculpture? And what do I need to think about?2021-01-27T20:35:43+00:00

I would ask yourself how you want to engage with sculpture.  For some people it is pulling into a big circular drive with a large work in a reflecting pool that will be seen every time you enter and exit the home.  For some, it might be positioned so that it is always in view from a home office window.  For others it might be a focal point in a living or dining room.  Your life with your art collection will be different for each collector and each site.  My basic guidance is put it somewhere that you can enjoy it every day.  I would be happy to talk through the pros and cons of all kinds of sites in a consultation.

computer rendering of a sculpture
I have a Homeowners Association; how does that affect my decision?2021-01-27T20:24:20+00:00

If you have an HOA, you really want to check what you have agreed to by joining.  Many of them restrict what you can see from the street – If it is the backyard and out of site there is usually no issue.  You really want to see what the restrictions might be before design or purchase.

Can I get my metal sculpture delivered and installed?2020-12-30T16:59:17+00:00

I am currently working on sites all over the continental US.  We can crate and truck ship most of the works that are sold.  For an additional fee I can fly out and place the work or if the work is large enough, I may put it on our truck and bring it myself.  It really depends on scale, budget and need.  There is a plethora of ways that we can deliver and install – a consultation will reveal what is best for your situation and budget.

public metal sculpture installation

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