Sculpture Designs Yet To Be Built.

Custom Metal Sculpture

The 3D computer rendering (on the right) is based on the  three dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) model.

“The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness.”

~ Joan Miró

This is a collection of works that are yet to be built. I am constantly working to develop new ideas and am often looking for opportunities to build them for specific sites or spaces. Because they are digital, they can be scaled to fit the needs of a space and an appropriate material or color chosen for the finished piece. I think of my sculpture blind of coloration. I have always felt that color or material choice is something that the location helps define. For example you would never put a red sculpture at a hospital, but the composition may work well and is perfectly well suited to a color like white or black.

We were in search of a beautiful and impactful piece for our large property in Dover. Rob Lorenson sketched a number of drawings until we all agreed on the perfect sculpture. The Dover Rover was personally driven to our property and installed by Rob. He recommended we try it in a few different places, and assisted us in selecting the ideal spot. Everyone who visits our home comments on how amazing the piece is.

Thank you Rob- we love it!

Emily O'Marah

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